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AutoFlow™ Core Dolly Platforms

One of many possible design configurations for AutoFlow™ Core Dolly Platforms.

Heavy-Duty Dollies
Engineered Especially
For Automatic Guided Vehicles

AutoFlow™ Core Dolly Platforms are the foundations of our low-risk, fast deploying mobile robotics material handling systems.

We designed our Core Dolly Platforms to integrate seamlessly with low-profile, raised-pin Automated Guided Vehicles (aka Automated Guided Carts).

And with a full array of AutoFlow Modular Attachments to work with, your automated material handling system will be up and fully operational from Day One.

Precision Interfacing of
Core Dolly Platforms
With Guided Vehicles

Easy and complete access to controls: the Core Dolly Platform positions the automatic guided carts in front of the dolly for total access to the AGC's controls.

For precise dolly positioning and tracking, the Platform's AGC Receiver can be exactly adjusted along the axis of travel.

To engage and move the Core Dolly Platform, the AGC raises a heavy-duty “jack” pin into the Receiver. Upon delivery, the AGC can lower the pin to automatically separate itself from the dolly.

The Receiver is frame-level nested into the dolly's frame for the lowest possible deck height. And the Receiver can be easily removed or swapped out. (A patent-pending design.)

AutoFlow AGC Guides are integrated into the dolly's frame, yet are easily removable. And depending on your application, AGC Guides can be replaced with posts or rollers.

The Engineering of an
Industrial Duty Core Dolly Platform

Using frame-integrated receiving pockets, our Core Dolly Platforms quickly accept standard or custom AutoFlow Modular Attachments, such as gravity flow racks, conveyors, and ergonomic platforms.

Their frames feature rigid welded steel made from 1.5" x 2" tubes for maximum strength and minimum weight. The frames also feature (bent tubular) rounded corners for a stiff but lighter-in-weight structure.

Standard 8" casters are heavy-duty grade with superior wear-resistant bearings. Caster plates are typically welded onto the frame for durability. AutoFlow casters provide excellent floor adhesion and allow our Core Dolly Platforms to precisely track the AGC's movements.

AutoFlow Core Dolly Platforms are heavy-duty, ranging up to 3000 lbs capacity. They can withstand abusive applications and environments: for example, waste collection in mills.

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Or call us at 800-789-3341 to discuss your specific assembly production requirements.

Core Dolly Platform features sheet (PDF).

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