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Do More With Your Baxter™

Extend the repertoire of Baxter robotics with MMPEX’s lean, flexible, AGC-based automated material handling systems:

  1. Mobile Delivery — intelligently move parts to Baxter…or Baxter to the parts
  2. Kitting — automatically collect parts for assembly
  3. Assembly/Staging — do workstation transfer and presentation

Rethink Robotics has made Baxter as easy to program as moving his arms.

Currently, Baxter can:

  1. Handle discrete parts
  2. Line load & unload
  3. Pack & unpack

Future Baxter updates will include testing and sorting, light assembly, and finishing operations…to name a few. Now you can further expand Baxter’s usefulness with MMPEX’s easy-to-deploy, intelligent material handling equipment.

MMPEX: Extending Baxter’s Capabilities

MMPEX manufactures lean, modular, customizable sets of dolly-mounted material handling equipment delivered by robotic AGCs.

MMPEX’s turnkey systems feature AGC-driven dollies that intelligently transport, deliver, and route themselves on optimized work paths. The customizable dollies are platforms for MMPEX’s modular attachments: flow rack exchangers, powered conveyors, ergonomic positioning platforms —everything needed to keep Baxter busy 24/7.

Put Leverage Into Your Baxter Pilot Program

As an authorized OEM partner with Rethink Robotics and a 60-year veteran of material handling, MMPEX is uniquely qualified to design an automated equipment environment that maximizes your Baxter pilot program.

Which repetitive, high-volume process in your plant is your lowest hanging fruit?

For a lean, automated material handling MMPEX system that perfectly complements your Baxter robotics, call our engineers at 800-789-3341.

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