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Industries & Applications for AutoFlow™
In-Plant Material Delivery Systems

AutoFlow™ mobile robotic material handling systems provide ideal solutions wherever there are high-repetition, high-volume processes.

Here's a partial list of industries and applications suitable for AutoFlow technology:

  1. Aerospace: assembly processes.
  2. Agricultural: assembly line, JIT inventory.
  3. Appliance: automation of lineside parts presentation, kitting, sub-assemblies, final durable goods delivery.
  4. Automotive: JIT work cell delivery, kitting, sub-assemblies.
  5. Chemical: automated movement of raw materials, transport to processing work cells, transfer to curing processes, delivery to storage.
  6. Electronics: auto receiving, JIT workstation presentation, kitting, sub-assembly delivery, order picking.
  7. Food & Beverage: automatic receiving, deliveries to processing, final packaged goods handling.
  8. Medical: assembly line presentation, order picking, delivery to palletizers/shrink wrap equipment.
  9. Recycling & Waste collection: automated collection of recyclables and trash.

All AutoFlow original equipment is made at MMPEX's ISO 9001-2008 USA Manufacturing Facility.

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Milwaukee, WI 53217
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