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Smart Robotic Handling Systems
That Install In Days

From Proposal To Turnkey Operation
In A Matter of Weeks

With our flexible, modular system, AutoFlow™ Pilot Projects can go from evaluation to design to implementation in a matter of weeks.

Installation can happen over a weekend or holiday.

With your pilot project in place and productive, we can modify, scale up, or expand to new production lines at any time. The process is:

  1. Get Technical: Call MMPEX to access our full archive of Technical Information, including engineering drawings.
  2. On-Site Evaluation: arrange for an on-site evaluation by one of our consultative engineers. They can examine your potential for either a stand-alone system or a hybrid system that integrates your existing material handling investments (conveyors, carousels, workstations, etc.)
  3. Pilot Proposals: MMPEX first delivers an overall estimate for the proposed project. Upon acceptance, MMPEX engineers then develop a comprehensive Pilot Proposal.
  4. Know The ROI: after generating a custom proposal for your plant, we can develop a comprehensive ROI calculation.
  5. Design Engineering: since all AutoFlow components are modular and 100% compatible with one another, the engineering design is greatly expedited, typically accomplished in a matter of weeks.
  6. System Installation: we work around your production schedule — commonly using weekends or holidays to keep plant disruption to an absolute minimum. And AutoFlow systems install in days, not weeks or months. MMPEX engineers stay on-site until you're 100% satisfied and confident with your new system.

To hear how quickly a lean, flexible, and highly reliable automated material handling system can be specified and installed in your plant, start with a call to our engineers at: 800-789-3341.

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