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Kitting, Picking & Preassembly Fulfillment Automation

Order picking is an integral part of the supply chain process, and it is seen by many as not only the most labor-intensive, but also the most costly for distribution operations. Finding an effective method of picking that maximizes both throughput and efficiencies, while minimzing cost, can be make or break for any operation.      

MMPEX Systems' Multi-Modal Pick Execution combines voice picking, wireless hands-free barcode scanning, and Pick to Light to create a single, seamless warehouse picking solution.  

  1. Proven to Increase Picking Accuracy to 99.9% and Productivity 25% or more
  2. Speaker Independent Natural Voice - Zero Voice Training
  3. Hands Free Pick/Pack Validation
  4. Seamlessly Integrates Voice and Pick to Light
  5. Smart Pick Cart
  6. Order Release and Work Balancing
  7. Pick to Carton with Cartonization
  8. Pre-Developed Lean Picking Processes Labor Management

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