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Modular System Rollouts

Rapid Deployment:
From Pilot To Full Production Line
To Entire Assembly Plant

Because AutoFlow™ material handling solutions are completely modular and infinitely scalable, initial system rollouts and future expansions can be deployed very quickly.

Wherever you fall in the procurement spectrum — needing Technical Assistance/Assessment, a Pilot Project, or full-plant implementation — MMPEX stands ready with proven methodologies for designing and swiftly installing total material handling solutions via:

  1. Pre-integrated AutoFlow hardware, software, controls, and training systems for stand-alone automated material handling systems.
  2. Vast knowledge of equipment and controls for quickly integrating AutoFlow systems with your existing material handling equipment.
  3. Extensive, USA-based manufacturing capabilities for quick delivery and installation of customized dollies, ergonomic platforms, parts-holding fixtures, and controls.
  4. Finally, very large rollouts can be done in increments on weekends or holidays to reduce production downtime to a bare minimum.

And tying together multiple incremental installments (e.g., multiple process steps or entire production lines) can be as straightforward as applying magnetic tape to your factory floor.

To discuss your plant's unique rollout requirements, call our MMPEX engineers at 800-789-3341.

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