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Partnership Programs

Integrator & Distributor
Partnership Programs

MMPEX Systems is actively recruiting qualified systems integration companies and distributor or marketing organizations who wish to offer our unique and comprehensive material handling systems.

By partnering with MMPEX you can leverage our 25+ years of material handling experience. Confidentially offer your customers automated delivery solutions that will reduce costs, improve productivity and efficiency, reduce product damage, and improve safety.

A Partnership with MMPEX Delivers

  1. A comprehensive mix of guided-vehicle-based AutoFlow™ material handling products that can be easily integrated into a plant-wide program.
  2. The corporate dependability and support necessary to develop stronger relationships with existing customers and generate opportunities for new customers in new markets.
  3. An highly attractive, undeniably rapid return on investment for your customers.
  4. The opportunity to grow your revenue stream based upon long-term customer relationships.

To discuss our partnership requirements, please email Bob Bogaczyk with your contact information and best time to call.

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Milwaukee, WI 53217
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