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Pick Execution™: Voice Directed Picking

Pick Execution™ is the best technology for implementing voice directed operations for manufacturing and distribution requirements. It is speaker independent, and requires zero voice training. MMPEX's Pick Execution™ is up and running in days, unlike speaker- dependent legacy voice technologies.

Simple and fast; Pick Execution™ improves accuracy to 99.9% in picking, kitting, receiving and replenishment applications while improving worker productivity. Pick Execution™ includes pre-developed picking application and reporting templates that include pre-developed labor management and order productivity tracking. MMPEX’s voice technology has a rapid ROI with proven productivity increases of 30 to 50% and better, far higher than traditional voice software.

  1. Pick Execution™ lowers labor costs, increases productivity, accuracy and profitability!
  2. Support Receiving, Picking, QC and Replenishment
  3. Wave Management and Order Release Module
  4. Mixed case pallet order picking
  5. Cartonization Logic for picking direct to cartons
  6. Pharmaceutical picking with lot and serial ID capture
  7. Manufacturing and Kitting Module
  8. Smart Pick Cart™ Batch Picking with work path optimization
  9. Conveyor Zone Routing for pick to carton/tote applications
  10. Order Tracking and QC Module
  11. Web based order tracking
  12. Labor tracking and productivity reporting

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