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Pick to Light

Pick to Light Systems for Automated Order Picking

MMPEX's pick to light systems are designed for direct integration into your ERP/WMS system and can be easily upgraded to Pick Execution™ which combines voice automated order picking and pick to light technologies.

MMPEX's Pick to Light System utilizes our pick automation Java Toolset to provide simple, cost effective automated order picking for both manufacturing and distribution fulfillment applications. Using a family of the most advanced, cost effective and reliable pick display modules, the pick to light system can be easily managed by MMPEX's Real-time Distribution software or directly by your current ERP or WMS software. No need to duplicate your software or process investment; your existing software still manages order release, inventory, product slotting and storage locations management.

Cost Effective, Reliable Pick to Light Systems

The Pick to Light System is the industry's LOWEST COST and RELIABLE automated order picking equipment. Our pick to light system consists of a family of 2, 4, 6 and 12 digital alpha-numeric pick activity displays. Each module includes a recessed full travel industrial grade pick acknowledgement push button and up/down pick count increment buttons with a 150' viewable tri-color pick activity indicator. The pick to light modules plug into a power and communication mounting channel for quick and easy installation or relocating of modules. Each light display has fully redundant power and communications built in and can be replaced or moved in minutes, ensuring maximum up time. The snap in channel design provides a reduction of over 30% in installation costs compared to other automated order picking hardware.

The Automated Order Picking Software contains a full library of software that manages the pick to light process and comes with several communication modules that directly connect to existing ERP or WMS systems. The Pick Automation Java Toolbox is a library of Java classes supporting the communications, reading and writing of display values to the modules and is designed to emulate existing RF or paper based order picking methods. The classes can be used by Java applets, servlets, and applications to easily access the displays, data, messages and resources. The Pick to Light Toolbox also contains example code and documentation for connecting to ODBC compliant SQL databases.

An SAP-WM version of the toolset and a Java connector for IBM I-Series (AS-400) is also available. Call or contact us at 800-789-3341 to request details on specific pick to light interfaces for automated order picking.

With the Pick to Light System you get:

  1. A flexible and cost effective pick to light solution which easily integrates with existing WMS-ERP Systems, eliminating the need for expensive third party software
  2. Paperless hands free automated order picking with a 50% increase in paper or RF terminal order picking productivity
  3. An automated order picking system that is simple to operate and requires minimal training - easy to add temporary staff for peak periods
  4. Industry's most reliable and lowest cost Pick to Light hardware
  5. Easily upgrade Pick to Light to the Pick Execution™ Module that provides the ability to support voice directed order picking, pick to light or a combination of both technologies.

To learn more about pick to light system solutions for automated order picking, please call us at 800-789-3341 for more information.

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