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Reduced Labor via Integrated
Mobile Robotics Material Handling

Payback As Fast As 2 to 4 Months

Many companies with repetitive, high-volume processes can use AutoFlow™ automated material flow systems to substantially reduce labor costs.

Human labor is not only costly, it's erratic: sick days, absenteeism, and human errors can all play havoc with your up-time and production schedule.

Automatic guided vehicles, on the other hand, always show up for work. In most cases, AGVs' reliability and accuracy now exceeds their human counterparts.

Human-operated tow vehicles can be reduced or eliminated, increasing plant safety and productivity while decreasing costs.

And, with opportunity battery charging, AGVs can go 24/7.

AutoFlow systems can also greatly increase your part-picking accuracy via pick-to-light, error proofing, and auto ID systems.

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