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Reduced Labor via Integrated
Mobile Robotics Material Handling

Payback As Fast As 2 to 4 Months

Many companies with repetitive, high-volume processes can use AutoFlow™ automated material flow systems to substantially reduce labor costs.

Human labor is not only costly, it's erratic: sick days, absenteeism, and human errors can all play havoc with your up-time and production schedule.

Automatic guided vehicles, on the other hand, always show up for work. In most cases, AGVs' reliability and accuracy now exceeds their human counterparts.

Human-operated tow vehicles can be reduced or eliminated, increasing plant safety and productivity while decreasing costs.

And, with opportunity battery charging, AGVs can go 24/7.

AutoFlow systems can also greatly increase your part-picking accuracy via pick-to-light, error proofing, and auto ID systems.


Increased Accuracy
for Parts Picking

Using Pick-To-Light Technologies

Pick-to-light, error proofing, and ID systems can all be integrated into an intelligent, mobile robotic AutoFlow™ material handling system.

The AutoFlow system itself is extremely accurate and reliable, having proven itself with outstanding repeatability rates at Tier 1 facilities.



Manufacturing Capacity

An Mobile Robotic Delivery System
That Adapts in Real Time

AutoFlow™ automated material flow systems are the ultimate in JIT flexible scalability.

Since all system components are modular and 100% compatible with one another, you can just add or subtract AutoFlow Core Dolly Platforms, Modular Attachments, and Automatic Guided Vehicles as needed.

Want to add an additional set of work cells to your AutoFlow system? It can be as simple as some programming modifications and laying down a new magnetic tape guide-path.

This also means once your low-risk AutoFlow Pilot Project has proven itself, you can — within weeks — upscale it to your entire line, or even your entire plant.



ROI Calculations for a Mobile Robotic
Material Handling System

Based On Your Specific
Automation Potential

We have developed sophisticated tools to analyze a range of application scenarios and deliver a reliable set of Return On Investment (ROI) Calculations.

The delivered calculations include:

  1. Amount saved per month
  2. Annual ROI
  3. Months to pay for system (“payback”)

Every AutoFlow™ ROI Calculation starts with a phone call and moves systematically through our analysis process, which involves an on-site visit to your plant.


For both Your Pilot Project and any subsequent systems expansions, MMPEX provides a comprehensive Return On Investment Calculation for your new automated handling system. To find out more about how we calculate a mobile robotic material handling ROI, or about MMPEX in general, please call us at 800-789-3341.

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