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Technical Assistance For
Optimizing Material Handling

Proven Methodology for Minimizing Risks,
Ensuring Scalability, and High ROI

We recognize that making a commitment to automate plant operations can be a very daunting process, from crafting a strategy that leverages today's latest material
systems technology through project
definition and successful execution.

For this reason MMPEX offers to assist our clientele with consulting services targeted specifically at optimizing material management.

Our proven methodology, combined with “hands-on” experience in manufacturing systems, has enabled hundreds of customers to deploy solutions that minimize risk, ensure scalability, and deliver significant ROI.

We play by the rules of LEAN, which is first and foremost to look at the value stream and elimination of waste. MMPEX specifically tackles the transportation (motion and delay) of in-plant material delivery practices and the presentation of parts and unit loads for efficient operator or robotic interface.

Upon request, MMPEX will conduct a two-day “rapid results” analysis of existing operations. MMPEX engineers look to identify low risk, high value solutions with short-term implementation and a definitive return on invested capital. The outcome of this comprehensive, interactive assessment is a clearly defined path to successfully deploy automated materials solutions.

To discuss the complete range of MMPEX's Engineering Services for optimizing material handling, call us at 800-789-3341.

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