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Super Responsive, USA-Based Manufacturing

World Class Manufacturing Excellence
in Material Handling Equipment

ISO 9001:2008 Registered with Perry Johnson Registrars

AutoFlow™ products are made in the USA at our ISO 9001-2008 registered, 85,000 sq. ft. facilities on our manufacturing campus.

With American ownership, engineering, and manufacturing, we have complete in-house control of design, manufacturing flexibility, Total Quality Management, delivery, and technical support.

Our TQM system is world class, supported by the following programs:

  1. Dedicated Quality Engineering Department
  2. Statistical Process Control
  3. TPM
  4. PPAP
  5. Pareto Analysis
  6. PFMEA Processes Analysis
  7. Ongoing Kaizen Events Supporting Continuous Improvement

Upon system installation, you'll receive 24/7 Technical Support, assuring continuing improvements in your automation efficiency.

Professional Memberships

Our professional affiliations ensure that MMPEX employees are current with the latest “best practices” in design, manufacturing, and customer service:

500 W. Silver Spring Drive, Bldg K200
Milwaukee, WI 53217
800-789-3341 • sales@mmpexsystems.com