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Your Turnkey Solutions
For Robotic Material Handling

MMPEX automatic delivery systems can make sense when your production requires:

  1. High-volume, repetitive movement of materials over a distance
  2. Critical on-time delivery of materials
  3. Tracking and validation of materials and parts

As a single-source supplier, MMPEX gives you the analysis you need for turnkey robotic material handling systems:

  1. All necessary equipment and components
  2. Fully harmonized software/hardware interfaces.
  3. Delivery systems that are either stand-alone or hybrid engineered to fully integrate with your existing material handing equipment.
  4. All the training needed to successfully operate and maintain your automated flow system.

A Very Effective Approach
To Lean Manufacturing

MMPEX application engineers take a consultative, whole-systems approach to reviewing your production processes. With the power of smart, automated guided carts, we can level previously “uneven” work flows, streamlining your production.

And you can literally change a system by: re-routing a magnetic tape; reconfiguring dolly attachments; or scaling-up at the same rate as your business grows.

So your upcoming kaizen-generated assembly process changes can be made in hours – not weeks.

What would a turnkey robotic delivery system look like in your facility? What would be its footprint? Its payback period?

For those answers, call us at 800-789-3341.

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